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For example, an 800-watt heater would deliver 2,730 BTUs and a 1,500-watt space heater would produce roughly 5,120 BTUs of heat.

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HomeGear 2000 Sq Ft Infrared Electric Portable Hea - Efficiently heats up a 2000 Square foot room, 6 Qu.Say your house has 1,900 square feet, and you live in a well insulated house in Zone 3, which includes Washington, D.C. Multiply 1,900 (your square footage) by your climate zone of 40, and your estimate is 76,000 BTUs to comfortably heat your home.

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Uses 6 infrared-Quartz heating elements, heat exchanger: Duraflame 550 Cranberry Electric Fireplace Stove with Remote 1500 Watt Infrared Quartz Heater 1000 Sq ft Space Heater Oak, American 2 Person.

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Calculate how many BTUs you need to heat a room or even a house with a wood-burning, pellet or gas fireplace, insert or stove.

How many square feet does a 5000 BTU heater heat - Answers

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NEW Home Portable 1500 Watt Black Infrared Space Heater

A unit that is energy efficient, can heat a 400 sq. foot space and something that can heat a room constantly for up to 8 hours.Homegear 1500 sq ft Infrared Portable Space Heater at Amazon Buy. Mr. Heater 30,000-45,000 BTU 540 Degree Tank Top Heater at Amazon Buy.

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The Vornado spreads heat evenly using its patented Whole Room Vortex Heat Circulation system.It generates 1,500 watts of electricity per hour and produce 5,100 BTUs of heat.

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Figure out what the square footage of each room is, i.e. the bathroom, the kitchen, the bedrooms, etc., and add.The 120-volt, 1,500-watt heater offers an easy way to heat a small space.

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It easily covers 250 sq. ft. of space and features a remote control for convenient setting and adjustments.My wife ordered a infrared heater a few years back and we use it in the back of our house as the heat from our old stove had a hard time reaching there.

It also comes with a four-wire plug, a wiring harness, and a.King Electric EFW2440-MW-T-W 240 Volt Multi Watt 2000-3000-4000 Watt Wall Heater with Thermostat, White.

It was horribly expensive to run the electric jumped almost 200 dollars just for the heater that was supposed to cost pennies a day.

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But before you decide on what size space heater you need for your home or office, consider these factors.

With a room that has 8 foot walls the usual formula is 10 watts per sq. ft. Divide 1500 by 10 will give you 150 sq feet of room that will be comfortably heated with a 1500 watt heater.This being said my sister in law uses 3 of them to heat a 1800 sq ft home and pays about 160 a month for a 3...Find the best space heater to keep your family safe and warm with a wide variety of space heaters at The Home Depot.Ft Space Heater Adjustable 1500W Electric Quartz Tube Furniture Remote.FREE SHIPPING on Modine Hot Dawg Heaters (excludes HDS model).

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Shop electric or gas space heaters, shop by room size and find the space heater accessories you need at The Home Depot.Have you been wasting time seeking for a deal on the Ceramic 130 sq ft Space Heater 1500 Watts with Adjustable Thermostat Btu output: 5120.

I have a heater that heats 1000 sq ft. What size of room

Avoid models with less wattage — the price is often comparable and they are much less effective.

The EFW-MW is a multi-wattage heater designed to be an economical, large wattage wall heater, flexible enough to heat any space.The office space is 400 square feet and for the most part square and open.

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If you enjoy boondocking or dry camping, but still want a source of heat, this is the perfect solution.

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